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Kate Thornhill, MLIS

Digital Scholarship Librarian

I’m a digital librarian with over 10 years experience in academic libraries leading and supporting digital research, education, and media services. If you’re looking for digital consultation support on how to build and maintain people focused archives, exhibits, maps, books and website companions, historical timelines, and oral histories projects to enhance your research or teaching initiatives then reach out to me for help. I’m always looking for collaborators!


Kate’s specialty is helping researchers, teachers, and students explore different technology options to enhance their digital research and teaching praxis within the arts and humanities. She can consult with you on how to make a technology-intense digital humanities research project, identify digital media literacy competencies for learners, consult on the design digital technology projects created in a classroom, and work with you to develop digital libraries services.


Digital Humanities Projects

Creating digital cultural records at the intersection of digital technologies, methodologies, and humanistic inquiry.

Have you ever wondered how to make a digital humanities project? What tools and digital methods required making a digital archive, a digital book companion, annotate digital media, oral histories, or digital maps and timelines? Kate can help you think through project development and timelines, data management workflows, peer-review requirements, and more before diving into your new digital scholarship.


Digital Pedagogy

Teaching in the classroom to help learners becoming more aware about how to ethically engage and create digital media intense projects that use the Internet with emerging digital technologies and methods.

Are you interested in your learners becoming thriving life-long learners who ask questions and think critically about the creation, reuse, and sharing of digital media and technology? Are you interested in adding digital projects to your classroom teaching? Kate can work with you to figure out ways to integrate digital media literacies not limited to the ability to evaluate copyright and fair use, improve creative communication skills by selecting appropriate technologies for projects, and participate in safe, legal, positive, and ethical behaviors online.


Digital Library Services

Cultural heritage needs to be accessible for the long-term beyond project endings. Whether you need someone to consult with on scanning, editing, and describing personal records like photographs, documents, audio and video, selecting digital technologies to make digital media available online, or help thinking through digital storage needs. Kate is available to consult on how to develop and manage digital materials and providing long-term access for the future.


Master of Library & Information Science 2013

Simmons University, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Arts, Art History 2010

University of Massachusetts North Dartmouth
North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography 2010

University of Massachusetts North Dartmouth
North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Professional Continuing Education

library carpentry workshop, 2020

university of oregon eugene, oregon

Workshops: Introduction to working with data (Regular Expressions); the UNIX Shell; OpenRefine; Introduction to Git

Oral history training institute, 2020

Science History Institute Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Week long in-person training for how to prepare and conduct oral history interviews, recordings, and transcriptions

Digital humanities summer institute, 2019

university of victoria Victoria, British columbia, Canada

Two week long workshops focused on critical digital pedagogy, LAMP Infrastructure for digital humanists, and making minimal computing digital editions

Certified scrum master training, 2019

scrum master alliance, portland oregon 

Intensive in-person training about the fundamentals of SCUM project management for software development projects. Certified until 2021.

introduction to gis and geoweb technologies, 2018

library juice academy, online

Four week long online course about the fundamental of GIS and GeoWeb Technologies with lots of hands on geospatial projects and experience using tools like Google Earth, ArcGIS Online, and working with KML files 

introduction to open educational resources, 2018

library juice academy, online

Four week long online course about the fundamental of open educational resources and how to propose an initiative at an academic library

Digital library pedagogy road test & idea fest, 2018 

digital library federation forum las vegas nevada

In-person workshop focused on the best practices of digital library pedagogy lesson plan design and run through of digital literacy oriented lesson plans created by librarians

introduction to product management, 2017

general assembly, online

Online class focused on an introduction  to the key technology product management concepts

Digcurr professional institute training, 2016

university of north carolina

Two week long intensive in-person training focused on digital stewardship best practices for electronic records

Teaching and learning with digital media, 2015 

lesley university college of education. Graduate course


Online Teaching: Introduction to Design & Practice, 2015

lesley university college of education. Graduate course


Online Teaching: Assessment & Evaluation, 2015

lesley university college of education. Graduate course


Online Teach: Social Media and the classroom, 2015

lesley university college of education. Graduate course



ACRL New England Scholarly communications SIG: Copyright Bootcamp, 2015 

University of Massachusetts Amherst 


Social Science Librarian Bootcamp, 2014 

Tufts University 


Data Skills

Information that describes data is a foundation of knowledge management. Since 2011, a strength of mine is the metadata description, annotation, and development of application profiles for cultural heritage digital special collections.

  • Dublin Core
  • EAD
  • PBCore
  • VRA Core 4
  • CCO
  • DACS
  • Open Refine
  • Microsoft Excel
  • AAT
  • TGN
  • ULAN
  • LCSH
  • XML
  • JSON
  • XSL

Digital Technologies

Digital information communication technologies is a key to opening access to stories and ideas. Most of my experience highlights an emphasis on website content management system, but I’m always looking to learn new tools to help digital humanists.

  • Wordpress
  • omeka classic
  • Omeka S
  • OHMS
  • Panopto
  • Scalar
  • Photoshop
  • Bepress
  • ContentDM
  • JStor Forum
  • Samvera
  • youtube
  • vimeo
  • indesign
  • twitter
  • zoom
  • skype
  • ArcGIS StoryMaps
  • Timeline JS
  • StoryMap JS
  • Audacity

Featured Digital Projects

A few digital projects that I’ve lead or contributed to over the years.

Community volunteer contributions

Highlighted web projects supported through volunteer efforts. 

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