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Owning Your Omeka Workshop Series

Screenshot of the how-to guide for the Owning Your Omeka Workshop Series
Owning Your Omeka Workshop Series Materials and Tutorials

This how-to guide supports anyone who is interested in hosting their own Omeka Classic website using the web hosting service, Reclaim Hosting. It was developed as ancillary material for the “Owning Your Omeka” Workshop Series offered by UO Libraries Digital Scholarship Services Department.

The Owning Your Omeka Workshop Series covers the following topics in a sequential order

  1. The basic of workings with Reclaim Hosting and FTP
  2. How to install and work with Omeka themes and plugins using Reclaim Hosting and FTP
  3. Getting to know Omeka themes and plugins and Curatescape, an Omeka mobile friendly theme built for storytelling using geospatial locations

Doing Digital Projects in the Open Workshop Series

Screenshot of the Doing Digital Projects in the Open Workshop Series how-to guide

This workshop series guide helps open digital humanists and digital social scientists focus on the foundational understanding of open digital projects based strategies and methods influenced by Mozilla Foundation’s Open Leadership Framework. Methods, strategies, and tools include critically engaging with real community-based open digital projects case studies, utilizing an open project canvas for digital project development, using the Data Management Plan (DMP) Tool for creating reproducible data management plans, and organizing and communicating open projects using the Open Science Framework. The series is open to all disciplines and anyone producing and teaching digital research. The series was developed and offered by UO Libraries Data Services and Digital Scholarship Services Departments.

 Doing Digital Projects in the Open Workshop Series covers the following topics:

  1. Defining and brainstorming your open digital project using an Open Canvas project management tool
  2. Creating and sharing a data management plan using the DMPTool
  3. Using the Open Science Foundation platform to collaborate, document, archive, share, and register your projects, materials, and data.
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Instructor, SEI 2018: Visual Resources Summer Institute for Visual Resources & Image Management

Classes taught – DAMs and Digital Repositories: What is a repository and why do I need one? | DAMs and Digital Repositories Practicum: What kind of repository do I need and what services will we offer